TSEASA Ministries

Jan and Erika Viljoen

P O Box 569 Bela- Bela 0480
Limpopo Province
          TEL/FAX: 011 27 147364752
          MOBILE SA: 01127836563750
                USA: 214 578 0843
JoinTSEASA Ministries for mission work in South Africa and other parts of the world.TSEASA is a non-profit organization that has its purpose to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the lost.
Dr. Jan Viljoen, a native African Baptist Pastor who leads the ministry efforts, heads TSEASA. Since its inception in 2002, the Lord has usedTSEASA to start churches. Ministries have also been started to minister to the homeless, the hungry, the addicted, and those afflicted with aids. TSEASA Ministries (Africa) is registered as a training center at the International Bible Institute through The University of the Americas. Evangelism is at the heart of all ministry projects. TSEA is a tribal word that literally means “an abundance of water”.Jesus Christ is the Living Water that must be made available to the entire world!
With the last words of Jesus in mind (Acts 1:8), the aim of TSEASA is to:
1. Seek God for direction, for strength, and for resource to carry His Message wherever He instructs.
2. Support the work of the local Church. With all its problems, the Church is still the Bride of Christ and the institution that God has given to evangelize and encourage.
3. Communicate that God’s Word is totally dependable for matters of faith and salvation. The Bible is complete without any error in its content.
4. Use the preaching of God’s word as the main avenue to bring the message to the lost. Paul told the Church at Corinth, “God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.”
5. Partner with other organizations both locally and abroad to provide resources that will facilitate evangelistic efforts in those areas. This will include (but is not limited to) South Africa. This will demand strict financial accountability as directed by board members.
6. Provide opportunities for Christians to live the call on their life to share the message of Jesus Christ in various locations and settings
Did you know?
That every donation to TSEASA of South Africa will help continue the current level of ministry, which includes Salaries, Church Starts, Feeding Programs, Aids Ministry, Substance Abuse Counseling. The Lord is Blessing in a Mighty Way. JESUS is the ONLY HOPE for South Africa, the U.S. and the World! TSEASA purchased a property in 2005 that will contain housing for staff and missions groups, training facilities, worship facilities, and other ministry needs. Please pray for this effort.
Donations must be made out to
Tseasa Ministries, and can be sent to
First National Bank
P.O. Box  2230 George West, Texas 78022


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